Cultural Managers Network

As a collaborative professional cultural managers’ network for cultural exchange that values the diversity of its members, our mission is to engage in art and culture for social change and advocacy in cultural policies, and to foster peer-to-peer capacity building and knowledge transfer among our members.


Co-creating the MitOst Festival

From 2nd of October to 6th of October 2019, MitOst invites its friends and members as well as everyone interested in cultural and civic exchange in Europe and its neighbouring regions to the 17th International MitOst Festival in Budapest, Hungary.If you feel it is not enough to only visit the festival and you want to co-create it, read on!

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Invitation to Europe Lab in Nova Gorica

Europe Lab #5

25–28 July 2019 in Nova Gorica/Gorizia

The challenges the European Continent is facing 2019 might be tackled by joint efforts only. The platform “Europe Lab” unites young people from over 30 European countries unlocking opportunities for dialogue and common learning.

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BrexitInternational Cultural Management

A snapshot of a European Cultural Manager in Cardiff, Wales at the time of Brexit – or human, being

Elena Schmitz from Literature Wales about being a Cultural Manager in Wales in 2019:

I live in Cardiff, Europe’s so-called youngest capital, with around 350,000 inhabitants in 2019. A city only since 1905 and the capital city of Wales since 1955. Wales, Cymru. This small, beautiful, ancient, geographically varied, linguistically diverse and culturally rich nation on the western edge of the British mainland. Finally conquered and colonised by the English in the 16th Century, (with many much earlier attempts) it has been struggling with its relationship to its all-powerful Eastern neighbour ever since. Read more…


Reflecting Group Dakar (It’s The Red Hour)

The Dakar Reflection Group was initiated out of an urge to better understand the global conditions of artistic and cultural production in today’s world. In line with previous iterations of the Reflecting Group, the Dakar group organized different types of self-education, debate, and exchange. All of its activities were informed by a special interest in ‘(un)learning’, a practice geared towards breaching the limits of hegemonic structures of knowledge. The highlight of the group’s journey to Dakar was a visit to the 13th DAK’ART Biennial.
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Public-Art Project “Hostility/Hospitality”

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Volgograd and other Russian cities instigated a drive to construct hospitality facilities based on high international standards, but it also posed new challenges to the life of urban communities, occasioning dispute and disruption. The city of Volgograd was significantly rebuilt for the event, with new hotels popping up in places that were once home to parks and recreational areas. Citizens of Volgograd were concerned that the FIFA infrastructure would destroy the city’s public spaces. The negative effects of hospitality gave cause for serious discussions.
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