The Robert Bosch Cultural Manager Network is initiated by alumni of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and coordinated by MitOst e.V.
Jana Elisa Falkenroth

Jana Elisa Falkenroth is a cultural manager from Berlin, Germany with interests in contemporary art, film, experimental theatre and the cultures of South Eastern Europe. She was awarded a 2-year scholarship for cultural managers in Eastern and South Eastern Europe by the Robert Bosch Foundation which she spent working with the NGO Drugo More in Rijeka, Croatia.
Jana is a representative of the Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network.
She studied Political Science with a focus on identity formation in the former Yugoslavia and has lived and worked in Sweden, Italy, Austria, Australia, Germany, Croatia and in the USA. She speaks German, English, Italian and Croatian.
Jana is currently based in Hamburg.

Activities & Affiliation:

represent and coordinate the Network with up to 230 cultural managers from Europe, Russia and the Arab World. Chair committee on project fund distribution


Photographers from Rijeka and Berlin explored Rijekas many abandoned sites. Ensuing exhibition in Rijeka, Zagreb and Berlin.
Responses from Croatian theatre makers on an essay about the intersections of art and the new social movements by German theatre scientist Hans-Thies Lehman. Foreword by Miranda Jakisa.


Robert Bosch Cultural Manager Network


experimental theatre, contemporary art, urbanism, film, identity formation, impact of art on the community

Cooperation wishes:

artist exchange / cooperations, art in public space