The Robert Bosch Cultural Manager Network is initiated by alumni of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and coordinated by MitOst e.V.
Timon Perabo

Timon studied social and political sciences with a special interest in the transformation processes in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. As culture manager of the Robert Bosch Foundation he worked in Kosovo during the time it became independent. Main topics of his international cultural work in Kosovo were migration and culture of remembrance. He further persued these issues when returning to Berlin in 2009.

Activities & Affiliation:

1. Developing and directing projects that support municipalities in including refugees in the local community and building up a culture of welcoming refugees and that strengthens mayors in their dialog with citizens on new asylum seeker homes. 2. Conducting community building projects that create a dialog between youths and elderly people. Together they talk about childhood experiences duringe the time of National Socialism and Second World War and today. Findings of these joint investigations are presented as theater plays, exhibitions, readings and films.
on the image and self-image of Roma and Sinti, realized by the Allianz Kulturstiftung and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (German Federal Agency for Civic Education).
that encourages young people on the Balkans and beyond to take part in designing the local places of commemoration. Developing the idea, identifying partners in Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and fundraising.
Responsible for Kosovar-German Culture projects, organisational development and public relations.
among others working for the Oberhessische Presse and the East Europe network n-ost.


New documentary films from Kosovo
A two year documentary school for young Kosovar filmmakers run together with the German film director Andres Veil. Concept, coordination, head of the film productions.
Concept and coordination. Creation of an digital archive.
a Czech-German-Kosovar artistic meeting in three countries. Concept and coordination.

Talks & Publications:

a book which gathers the stories of nine people who migrated from Kosovo to Germany. Published together with Jeton Neziraj at the be.bra wissenschaft verlag.
by the German Historical Museum. Lecture on “Flight and expulsion in the countries of former Yugoslavia and how it is treated in local museums“.
at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Lecture „Migration and remembrance - the example of the Kosovo-Albanians".