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Czech Republic
Zdenka Kujova

Zdenka Kujova studied theatre and culture management at JAMU Brno, focusing on supporting culture, grants and culture politics. As a freelancer she works on projects from various art branches and her interest is supporting young artists, funding art, culture and cinematography.

Since 2007 she runs art-culture NGO “REPT”, where she produced a plenty of theater plays, exhibitions and festival. She participated also on prof. Ctibor Turba’s project of new circus and with director Dusan D. Parizek she cooperated in Prague chamber theatre. She gained experience in film and television projects, for example of Czech Television Brno or FMK UTB Zlin. After completing internship in Czech center in Berlin, she also studied Culture management in FHS Potsdam and received the scholarship Cultural managers from Central and Eastern Europe and placed as project manager in creative centre Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig.

Recently Zdenka works as the project manager of the Creative Centre Brno, more on

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Brno has a great creative potential and is well aware how the support for creative people and their activities is important, as they have, among other things, a significant impact on the overall development of the city and its economy. Therefore, it is planned to build a centre with a working title Creative Center Brno for support of creative industries.


Second cities (oder other) haben etwa eine halbe bis eine Million Einwohner, aber sind nicht Hauptstädte eigener Länder. Darin steckt jedoch ein starkes kreatives Potential. Die Qualität der Kunstausübung und der sich dort gestaltenden Kultur ist vergleichbar mit der, die die Künstler in den Metropolen erschaffen. Dennoch mangelt es ihnen an der erforderlichen Aufmerksamkeit. Das Projekt „RegioKiez“ vermittelt daher im Jahr neue Kontakte zwischen dem Freistaat Sachsen, Südmähren und Zlin Region. Dadurch wollen wir den Künstlern neue Möglichkeiten eröffnen.

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This publication presents those projects that included the participation of Czech organizations and those projects that received support in the period 2001-2006, those years in which the Czech Republic had access to the programme. Even though the financial resources awarded were quite limited, the programme´s support still prompted an entire range of positive results.