With our stories, we aim to capture the many voices of the Cultural Managers who form the RBCMN. In our stories, you can read about projects, trips, and meetings we participated in and find out more about us and what we are passionate about. Are you part of the network and have a story to share? We’d love to add your voice.

International Cultural Management

Art Matters

ART MATTERS is an international platform bringing together professionals active at the intersection of arts, activism, and media for critical exchange on artistic and curatorial practices, initiatives and programmes involving protagonists and issues related to migration, a sensitive theme that has become a main global concern. Read more…

Board Election

Yvonne Meyer

Why Yvonne wants to be RBCMN board member

My name is Yvonne Meyer, I am working as a freelance cultural manager with a focus on international and transnational exchange, cultural politics, and civic education. My special interests lie in cross-sectorial co-operations. I am good at numbers, in designing structures and in all the concrete things that get an idea into a project. Read more…

Board Election

Abdelsamee Abdallah Abouelhamd

Why Abdelsamee Wants to be Board Member

I have an extensive background in working in culture and civil society in MENA region with focus on art for social impact, I’m developing and leading interventions in arts, media and advocacy targeting several groups of professionals and local communities. Read more…

Board Election

Banu Pekol

Why Banu Wants to be Board Member

I’m writing this motivation letter on a train, which is taking me to a “Hostile Environment Training” that my international project partners wanted me to attend. The training includes practical sessions such as “practical exposure to firearms, practical carjack scenario, hostage taking exercise” and Read more…