Apply for a Mobility Grant

There are interesting events but your pokets are empty? If you are a member of the RBCMN you can apply here for a mobility grant.

In order to strengthen the exchange within the network, we offer to support you with mobilities to visit each other and exchange expertise, knowledge and experience in a structured way.

Expenses that can be reimbursed

  • 70% of travel costs up to 150 EUR,
  • support for accommodation up to 20 EUR per night and up to three nights


  • Groups of members can apply together max three persons.
  • One member of the network can apply up to two times a calendar yearfor this support.

Reimbursement & Report

  • Original receipts (inkl. Boarding passes, if applicable) and the completed reimbursement form are sent to MitOst;
  • eligible expenses will be reimbursed within two weeks after arrival of the documents
  • write us a story for our website (see example) including pictures

Please note that this is not a work meeting. If you decide to further work on a common topic, we are happy to support this initiative.

If you have any questions about this, please consult with Anton: sienknecht (at)