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The Cultural Managers Network consists of around 200 cultural managers from Europe and the Middle East and North Africa. Here you can find their profiles and get an idea of their work.
Bettina Lehmann
Cross-sector collaboration, Participation & Active citizenship
Contemporary arts, Dance, Interdisciplinary, Multidisciplinarity, Performance, Visual arts
About me:

I initiate, develop and coordinate projects in the realms of visual and performing arts, contemporary dance and music, knowledge production and all possible hybrids. My professional practice is informed by my great curiosity in all things human and their expression in various artistic forms.
I have gained working experience in various cultural institutions in different countries. My knowledge of languages and capacity of quick adaptation help me to act successfully as coordinator and mediator in diverse contexts.

Max Mustermann
Community arts
About me:

What about me?

Julia Ovcharenko
Anna Makri
Silvia Giordano
Cross-sector collaboration, Cultural exchange, Global & Local, Persons with disabilities, Youth & Children
Education, Festival, Performance, Theatre, Youth
About me:

Fond of performing arts, foreign languages and literatures graduate, international cooperation&human rights post-graduate, I spent my studies in France and in Australia, where I could examine topics connected to the studies of the Aboriginal Peoples. Besides, I have been dealing with theatre and non-formal education in ERASMUS+ projects, while working with different theatre companies as a performer and an organizer. I worked as a project manager and social media assistant for an NGO with cooperation projects in South America for two years while working as a part-time English teacher in a secondary school. Since December 2015 I've been international producer for the TYA company Teatro Prova, where I could develop intercultural relations and artistic project planning skills. In particular, thanks to the experience raised in the last few years, she engaged in intercultural mediation, project managing in many artistic fields (theatre for young audiences and young children, disability, technology etc.), developing public relations in order to enhance common aims and to trace out relevant languages in a constant creative perspective. I was cultural manager in the framework of "Tandemforculture" programme with an Egyptian Theatre Company whereas in Italy I dealt with guest companies, programming, co-producing. I've been also coordinator of the first edition of "Lo Sguardo del Gatto" Festival dedicated to Theatre and Inclusion in Bergamo (San Paolo d'Argon).

Kotryna Valiukeviciute
Cross-Sector, Environment, Organisational development
Architecture, Public Space
About me:

Coming soon info about me

Radmila Krstajic
Cultural exchange
Abdelsamee Abouelhamd
Civic rights & Activisim
Interdisciplinary, Street Theatre, Theatre, Video, Youth
Eszter Tóth
Anastasia Marukhina
Visual arts
Mario Lukajic
Urban development
Bosnia and Herzegovina
About me:

Mario Lukajić is an cultural manager and actor based in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, also cooperate with cultural organizations in Balkan. Previously studied at Academy of arts in Banjaluka and received a BA diploma in acting. 2010. Holds MA diploma in cultural policy and management from University of Arts in Belgrade (Serbia). Co-founder of Gradsko pozorište Jazavac (City theatre Jazavac, ).

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