Cultural Managers Network

As a collaborative professional cultural managers’ network for cultural exchange that values the diversity of its members, our mission is to engage in art and culture for social change and advocacy in cultural policies, and to foster peer-to-peer capacity building and knowledge transfer among our members.


Arts & Culture in Times of Crisis

Arts & Culture in Times of Crisis – Working on a life after the crisis (July 2022, Maribor)

Partners of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership „Capacity Building of Cultural Educators in the Digital Era“ brought together around 40 persons for a network meeting in Maribor.

In recent days a new crisis has arisen that will impact our partnerships, culture and social relations even more. A repetitive exposure to crisis situations has left our cultural landscape bruised and to find out which parts of peer to peer learning and physical network activities can be transformed to the online world and how to support crisis stricken communities, we invited to join us, exchange experiences and build new approaches to be ready for support.

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New Urban Practices -Co-Create in Veszprém, Hungary

Veszprem, 18.-22.05.2022

New Urban Practices -Co-Create in Veszprém, Hungary

Being connected to the community and the environment where we live is crucial for our individual and societal wellbeing, even more in times of crisis, characterized by

isolation and displacement.

Therefore this training aimed at initiating a community co-creation process, which involved international cultural managers, local NGO’s and Ukrainian refugees living in Veszprém. During this training, we discovered new, emergent urban practices, which adapt to the new situation, tried out a diversity of hands-on methods and techniques that help to connect people and places, and applied these in a collaborative placemaking process.

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New Urban Practices

Webinar for cultural managers to get to know, try out, and share new urban practices

12 – 14. 05. 2021

Urban practices are inherently social, political, have an aesthetic dimension, and in consequence, urban action became an increasingly significant tool of arts, culture, and cultural education. Action in public urban spaces has always been characterized by highly diverse and continuously developing forms, methods and approaches. Nevertheless, the recent technological developments and the pandemic radically changed the way we perceive, use and transform public spaces.

During this webinar we discovered new, emergent urban practices, which adapt to the new situation that is characterized by the ubiquity of digital technologies and the challenges of a global pandemic. We got to know, tried out and discussed new methods of urban strolling, urban gaming and urban activism led by international experts.


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On Air: Mudawanat Podcast

In October 2020, Culture Resource, in partnership with the British Council, announces the launch of Mudawanat Podcast, a living archive of contributions that document the contemporary culture scene in the Arab region.
“Mudawanat Podcast consists of the “Myths” and “Alternatives” series, covering different topics related to cultural production in the Arab region, which are the outcome of the Mudawanat pilot project authored by contributors from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine. Follow Mudawanat on the podcast platform of your preference and on Culture Resource’s SoundCloud!
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MitOst Festival 2018

Great experience in Athens, as usual with the MitOst crew! Awesome and useful program, very precise, creative, colorful in so many different ways.
The most useful workshop was definitely “The future of work”! It inspired me to re-think not only about my future (and work), but the future of my organization, volunteers and to keep up with time and technology in developing new projects and programs.

Being on the opening of the Kypseli market and meeting the ZK/U guys, gave me the opportunity to hear about new tools and ideas of participative processes. Read more…

Reflecting Group Dakar (It's The Red Hour)

The Dakar Reflection Group was initiated out of an urge to better understand the global conditions of artistic and cultural production in today’s world. In line with previous iterations of the Reflecting Group, the Dakar group organized different types of self-education, debate, and exchange. All of its activities were informed by a special interest in ‘(un)learning’, a practice geared towards breaching the limits of hegemonic structures of knowledge. The highlight of the group’s journey to Dakar was a visit to the 13th DAK’ART Biennial.
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