We Are Now Part of "On the Move"

Recently, the RBCMN joined the ‘On the Move’ network. On the Move (OTM) is a cultural mobility information network with forty members in over twenty countries across Europe and around the world.

Their mission is to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation and thus to contribute to a vibrant, shared European cultural space with strong international connections.
On the Move seeks to:

  1. organize, coordinate, and improve a cultural mobility information service that is free, transparent, accurate, and user-friendly, a service that draws on a wealth of different sources and reaches an ever widening audience.
  2. promote a concept of mobility that is respectful of social standards and environmental protection and that promotes cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue.
  3. improve the capacity of OTM members to deal with various aspects of cultural mobility by organizing training courses, P2P sessions and meetings, where the expertise of each member can be shared and further enriched.

We are looking forward to being part of their network and learning about and entering into interesting cooperations. You can find more info about ‘On the Move’ at: http://on-the-move.org

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