Board Election

A year has passed since the last election so this means we need new active board members! Since Virag Major and Gwenn Sharp are stepping down after two proactive years as board members, and Marta Klepo joined MitOst in January and is connected to the network from MitOst side, this time we need three board members who will shape the future of RBCMN together with Silke Wittig!

After the open call and many conversations with interested candidates three of them shone through: Abdelsammee Abdallah, Banu Pekol and Yvonne Meyer. Since we have three candidates and three spots, this voting is mostly symbolic, but  all of the candidates should reach the threshhold of at least 5% of all the votes.

This is where you come in! You have the chance until the 14 July 2019 to check out their profiles and vote* for two of the candidates you like best. In order to do that, please make a profile for this website, it only takes a minute or two.

Here are short introductions of the three candidates (in alphabetical order):

Abdelsamee Abdallah:
Abdelsamee Abdallah has an extensive background in working in culture and civil society in MENA region with specific focus on art for social impact, as well as extensive work experience in developing and leading interventions in arts, media, advocacy and creative activism targeting several groups of professionals and from local communities. He has worked with artists, cultural operators, civil society leaders, in addition to my experience in dealing with youth, women and children from the MENA region countries. He is based in Jordan. Find out more about Abdelsammee.


Banu Pekol:
Banu Pekol completed her PhD degree in Architectural History in 2010 and took the “conventional path” of academia but soon discovered she wanted to on the ground. In 2014, she co-founded an NGO called the Association for Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Turkey where she continues to work as manager of her NGO in projects that involve research, capacity building and implementation. Her work includes community engagement, training, sustainability and innovation, specifically in cultural heritage preservation. She is based in Turkey. Find out more about Banu.


Yvonne Meyer:
Yvonne Meyer is working as a freelance cultural manager with a focus on international and transnational exchange, cultural politics, and civic education. Her special interests lie in cross-sectorial co-operations. She is good with numbers, designing structures and all the concrete things that get an idea into a project. She is based in Germany. Find our more about Yvonne.


*You have two votes and can only vote with a profile.
You can vote here.

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