Arts & Culture in Times of Crisis

Arts & Culture in Times of Crisis – Working on a life after the crisis (July 2022, Maribor)

Partners of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership „Capacity Building of Cultural Educators in the Digital Era“ brought together around 40 persons for a network meeting in Maribor.

In recent days a new crisis has arisen that will impact our partnerships, culture and social relations even more. A repetitive exposure to crisis situations has left our cultural landscape bruised and to find out which parts of peer to peer learning and physical network activities can be transformed to the online world and how to support crisis stricken communities, we invited to join us, exchange experiences and build new approaches to be ready for support.

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New Urban Practices -Co-Create in Veszprém, Hungary

Veszprem, 18.-22.05.2022

New Urban Practices -Co-Create in Veszprém, Hungary

Being connected to the community and the environment where we live is crucial for our individual and societal wellbeing, even more in times of crisis, characterized by

isolation and displacement.

Therefore this training aimed at initiating a community co-creation process, which involved international cultural managers, local NGO’s and Ukrainian refugees living in Veszprém. During this training, we discovered new, emergent urban practices, which adapt to the new situation, tried out a diversity of hands-on methods and techniques that help to connect people and places, and applied these in a collaborative placemaking process.

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New Urban Practices

Webinar for cultural managers to get to know, try out, and share new urban practices

12 – 14. 05. 2021

Urban practices are inherently social, political, have an aesthetic dimension, and in consequence, urban action became an increasingly significant tool of arts, culture, and cultural education. Action in public urban spaces has always been characterized by highly diverse and continuously developing forms, methods and approaches. Nevertheless, the recent technological developments and the pandemic radically changed the way we perceive, use and transform public spaces.

During this webinar we discovered new, emergent urban practices, which adapt to the new situation that is characterized by the ubiquity of digital technologies and the challenges of a global pandemic. We got to know, tried out and discussed new methods of urban strolling, urban gaming and urban activism led by international experts.

Online facilitation and digital education in the creative and culture sector

Call for participation – apply by 22nd March

In the frame of our strategic partnership “CE+ Capacity Development of Cultural Educators in the digital era” we are happy to invite for a virtual training series:

“Online facilitation and digital education in the creative and culture sector”

A series of virtual trainings for cultural managers on online facilitation and digital tools to (re)connect, exchange and learn from each other

24 – 26. 03. 2021 and 7- 9. 04. 2021, each day 9.30 am – 1.30 pm

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Open Call: Join Now Tandem 360° – Second Round

Within a new addition of the existing programmes for cultural exchange our friends from Tandem are looking for 20 civil society and cultural activists from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, and from Libyan initiatives and collectives displaced in these countries. Application Deadline for the Second Round: November 23, 2020:
“We aim to establish vital ecosystems as an enabling environment for political, social and economic inclusion of young people across the MENA region. More than ever, we do need a 360° perspective. In the spirit of ‘Doing-it-together’, the one-year programme Tandem 360° offers a space to experiment with multidisciplinary project ideas, ecosystem mapping and inventive approaches to create change through culture.”
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Call for Papers: Cultural managers, their organizations and their networks in times of Crisis

For their Virtual Gathering an January 13, 2021 our friends from the Network Brokering Intercultural Exchange (BIE) are looking for papers and other innovative formats dealing with the questions of both importance and fragility of networks in times of economic, healt, racial, and environmental crisis. Submission deadline: November 16, 2020:
“The global pandemic has shown both the importance and the fragility of networks. What role can and do these networks play in times of economic, health, racial, and environmental crisis?”  Read more…

Open Call: International Networking for Better Inclusion in Culture and Arts

Our friends from Інша Освіта / Insha Osvita invite cultural and artistic organization from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Germany, UK and Ukraine to join the program “International Networking for Better Inclusion in Culture and Arts”. Application deadline: October 30, 2020:
“The 4-week online trip for participants working in the field of inclusion in culture is designed for active networking, finding new international partners, sharing experiences and collaboration between organizations.” Read more…