MitOst Festival 2018

Great experience in Athens, as usual with the MitOst crew! Awesome and useful program, very precise, creative, colorful in so many different ways.
The most useful workshop was definitely “The future of work”! It inspired me to re-think not only about my future (and work), but the future of my organization, volunteers and to keep up with time and technology in developing new projects and programs.

Being on the opening of the Kypseli market and meeting the ZK/U guys, gave me the opportunity to hear about new tools and ideas of participative processes.

New networking brings new applications and potential collaborations. I’m sure we (my college Ognjen and I) met great future partners. Afterwards, our member Nemanja Nedic applied for Tandem Europe program. So, we could say that we already did the next step. 🙂

MitOst Agora discussions is something that we found very interesting because we got the chance to see the insights and details of different programs held by MitOst. This was pretty awesome, since I think transparency is really important factor of successful work.

As I said, we attended various useful workshops and discussions but most important are new friendships and spreading great ideas between great people!

I’m determined to take a part of the next festival as a workshop creator, and I already have some ideas about it.

Until then,

Best wishes from Novi Sad!

Marko Jozić