Art Matters

ART MATTERS is an international platform bringing together professionals active at the intersection of arts, activism, and media for critical exchange on artistic and curatorial practices, initiatives and programmes involving protagonists and issues related to migration, a sensitive theme that has become a main global concern.


ART MATTERS opens up transcultural and transdisciplinary perspectives in order to facilitate an ongoing and urgent reflection on practices, discourses, policies, and impacts within the implementation of projects, movements, campaigns and funding schemes. Our platform should create significant impulses, and foster exchange on a transnational level, starting from Berlin, Germany, to Europe, the MENA region and beyond.

ART MATTERS is dedicated to eye-level conversation and (un)learning, the peer-to-peer sharing of expertise and experience, and the development of practical action and agency. Our collaborators and participants are artists, curators, mediators, policy makers, researchers, journalists, activists, representatives of cultural and sociopolitical institutions and foundations and other professionals active in the intersection of migration and arts.

ART MATTERS aims to encourage citizens to speak with a louder voice in a chorus of fragmented groups and individuals aiming for a goal that has not been formulated as a common one yet.



ART MATTERS kicked off in 2017 December in Berlin with a two-day workshop series and a public panel with experts:

Àine O´Brien Counterpoints Arts, London and ELENA AGUDIO SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin
workshop about participation, education and democracy-building

Mary Ann Devlieg independent consultant and NASAN TUR artist, Berlin
workshop about policy-making, hands-on practice and artivism

Persefoni Myrtsou researcher, Istambul and Berlin and KHALED BARAKEH artist, Berlin
workshop about artistic migration, re-localisation and freedom of expression

Ariane Jedlitschka Honorary Hotel, Leipzig and AMADO ALFADNI Nabta Art & Culture Center, Cairo
workshop about empowerment, self-engagement and community-building.

Insights and learnings from this session are summarized in a brochure:
art matters_poster

A feedback video with the contributors and participants:


The 2nd Edition of ART MATTERS Reclaim the Discourse in November 2018 was realized with the following experts and speakers:

Tunay Önder (Migrantenstadl, Munich) and Verda Kaya (Kulturprojekte, Berlin)
workshop about arts mediation – grassroots journalism, blogging and subculture

Rokhaya Diallo (Paris) and Tito Valery (Helsinki/Bamenda)
workshop about arts mediation – public broadcasting, media activism and entertainment

Chadi Bahouth (Neue Deutsche Medienmacher, Berlin)
workshop about arts mediation – media strategies and recommendations for campaigning

Insights and learnings from this session are summarized in a brochure:
Art_Matters_HOW TO

curated and organised by Virág Major, Hannah Marquardt and Christine Rahn