Arts and Culture in the Era of Social Distancing in Northern Italy and Europe

Micaela Casalboni, artistic director of the Company Teatro dell’Argine about arts, culture and education in the era of social distancing.

Culture, theater and the arts in general could actually be the key to a new beginning, especially for that kind of arts and culture which looks at our world and our time without fear of engaging with people, giving a voice to those who doesn’t have one.”

Teatro dell’Argine, founded 1974 in San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna, Italy) defines itself as “a theatre for human development.” It has become a benchmark for a community made of audience, students, experts, associations and institutions. Every day the Company’s projects get advantages by the dialogue with the local community and new challenges and targets are added to the previous ones. Setting a course to reach these goals means keeping in mind the importance of a multidisciplinary, international, intercultural, social and high-value theatre. Teatro dell’Argine’s projects, shows and workshops support and promote intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, memory and reflection on contemporary times, active citizenship, audience engagement and an idea of art for social change.

Micaela Casalboni was invited to the interview-series “Three Questions” by the Genshagen-Foundation, talking about the spirit of Europe, the theatre at the periphery and the role of arts, culture and education in the post-COVID 19-era. The interview is available in