On Air: Mudawanat Podcast

In October 2020, Culture Resource, in partnership with the British Council, announces the launch of Mudawanat Podcast, a living archive of contributions that document the contemporary culture scene in the Arab region.
“Mudawanat Podcast consists of the “Myths” and “Alternatives” series, covering different topics related to cultural production in the Arab region, which are the outcome of the Mudawanat pilot project authored by contributors from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine. Follow Mudawanat on the podcast platform of your preference and on Culture Resource’s SoundCloud!

Mudawanat Podcast

Mudawanat Podcast, launched in autumn 2020, is a living archive of contributions that document the contemporary culture scene in the Arab region.

Mudawanat: Two tracks

  • Track 1: Attending training and contributing to the production of two episodes for the “Myths” and “Alternatives” series. Both beginners and those with experience in audio production may apply.
  • Track 2: Attending specialized training and contributing to the production of a ten-episode podcast series on arts and culture. Only experienced podcasters may apply.

The Mudawanat project aims to build a living archive of podcasts that document the contemporary cultural realm. The project encourages the contributors to experiment with the audio genre outside of conventional radio formats and to employ creative methods of storytelling while reflecting on local and regional specificities.
The project is open to cultural actors, artists, writers and podcasters on Arts and Culture, and it encourages both beginner podcasters involved in the cultural milieu as well as experienced podcasters interested in further developing their skills to apply.
The program selects individuals from across the Arab region to participate in one of two tracks. The first group (Track 1) consists of 10 individuals or groups who take part in online beginner training sessions and produce each two episodes for the “Myths” series (on familiar and missing urban legends) and the “Alternatives” series (on stories of change and alternative choices). The second group (Track 2) is made up of four groups or individuals who participate in online specialized training sessions and produce each a ten-part series on a theme consistent with the general outlook of Mudawanat project.

Training & Production Process

The production process starts with an orientation workshop in which participants receive guidance on how to develop their themes and script productions. Afterwards they work in one-on-one sessions with the editorial trainer to help them flesh out their proposals. Participants then join theoretical and practical training sessions on audio design and podcast production and publication, which focuses on the recording arts, sound editing and other know-how needed to prepare, script and carry out their projects. Specialized trainers monitor participants’ progress in one-on-one coaching sessions and are available to support and guide them through the creation of their podcasts from conception to publication of the episodes/series.
The podcasts is published on multiple online platforms in two consecutive seasons. Each season will feature episodes in classical Arabic and/or local dialects.
You can follow Mudawanat Podcast on your preferred podcast platform or on Culture Resource’s SoundCloud.