Yvonne Meyer

Why Yvonne wants to be RBCMN board member

My name is Yvonne Meyer, I am working as a freelance cultural manager with a focus on international and transnational exchange, cultural politics, and civic education. My special interests lie in cross-sectorial co-operations. I am good at numbers, in designing structures and in all the concrete things that get an idea into a project.

In 2006 to 2009, I took part in the program Robert Bosch Cultural Managers in Central and Eastern Europe. I joined the program´s alumni group in 2009, founded altogether with the other members in 2013 the RBCMN in Košice, and was an active member of it. For example, I developed and realized among others a series of international workshops for NGOs that are revitalizing and adapting unused spaces “Open Spaces – international NGO exchange”.

I think that the cultural manager´s work is very important to keep cultural live running. I understand our work not just as assisting and managing artists. Rather, we actively find and define issues we want to address and to bring forward in several spheres of live and society. With our knowledge and personal networks we bring people together who didn´t know each other before.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don´t understand what we do exactly and can’t appreciate the value of our work. To change that, we need to strengthen our network in order to get more visible and to advertise our approach. In my opinion, the network´s most important value is our experience and knowledge as well as the idea of solidarity and support, understood both in an egoistic as well as an altruistic perspective. In the next two years, I would like to help to develop our network of professional cultural workers into its new shape, and to co-design new structures and instruments to realize our aims. I can offer many years of experience in designing new sustainable structures, a lot of contacts to people from several “generations” of the network, and some talent for nonsense.

Yvonne´s Résumé

I work as a freelance cultural manager and trainer for start-ups in culture and creative industries. My academic studies comprised Theatre and Western Slavic languages. I design and realize international projects in culture and education, whilst my special interests lie in cross-sectorial co-operations.

In my first job, I worked as an assistant of relations – a project initiated by the German Federal Cultural Foundation that fostered exchange of cultural initiatives between seven CEE countries and Germany (www.projekt-relations.de). Thus, I found my way to work in the field of cultural management.

In the years 2006–2009 I was a program manager within the Robert Bosch Cultural Manager program. For the Borussia Foundation in Olsztyn, Poland, I was responsible for the adaption of a Jewish Bet Tahara into the Centre of Intercultural Dialogue DOM MENDELSOHNA and its cultural program (www.borussia.pl).

Returning to Germany, I decided to work as a freelancer, because I wanted my family and my work to play an important role in my life, and I needed the freedom to decide about my topics, co-operations and way of working. After realizing some small and medium international projects, I was in 2012–2014 the project coordinator of “geo-sounds”, a long term composition project about the formation and mining of lignite, presented in an online one-year piece of music (www.geo-sounds.de).

In 2014/2015, I was the head project manager for »Culture | place.positioning«, an international conference and festival by the independent cultural scene in Leipzig (www.kultur-standort-bestimmung.de). Based on this I started to develop formats for thinking about interfaces of cultural politics and civic education.

In the framework of the RBCMN, beyond others, I initiated a series of international workshops for NGOs that are revitalizing and adapting unused spaces – »Structures | Spaces | Regions« (2013), »Open spaces – Culture, Economy, Administration« (2015), and »Open spaces – open society« (2016).

I live with my family in Leipzig.


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