New Urban Practices -Co-Create in Veszprém, Hungary

Veszprem, 18.-22.05.2022

New Urban Practices -Co-Create in Veszprém, Hungary

Being connected to the community and the environment where we live is crucial for our individual and societal wellbeing, even more in times of crisis, characterized by

isolation and displacement.

Therefore this training aimed at initiating a community co-creation process, which involved international cultural managers, local NGO’s and Ukrainian refugees living in Veszprém. During this training, we discovered new, emergent urban practices, which adapt to the new situation, tried out a diversity of hands-on methods and techniques that help to connect people and places, and applied these in a collaborative placemaking process.

The training took place in Veszprém, the European Capital of Culture in 2023. We got in contact with local cultural actors, the ECoC representatives, exchange, discuss and build connections and reflected on the activities and the

role of the communities in the EcoC programme.