With our stories, we aim to capture the many voices of the Cultural Managers who form the RBCMN. In our stories, you can read about projects, trips, and meetings we participated in and find out more about us and what we are passionate about. Are you part of the network and have a story to share? We’d love to add your voice.

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On Air: Mudawanat Podcast

In October 2020, Culture Resource, in partnership with the British Council, announces the launch of Mudawanat Podcast, a living archive of contributions that document the contemporary culture scene in the Arab region.
“Mudawanat Podcast consists of the “Myths” and “Alternatives” series, covering different topics related to cultural production in the Arab region, which are the outcome of the Mudawanat pilot project authored by contributors from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt and Palestine. Follow Mudawanat on the podcast platform of your preference and on Culture Resource’s SoundCloud!
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Congrats to kultúrAktív: 10 Years of Built Environment Education

kultúrAktív is a public benefit non-governmental organization dedicated to sensitizing children and young people to the built environment. Founded in 2010 by Eszter Tóth and Ágnes Sebestyén, the association organizes activities that inspire youth to discover, observe, and understand their immediate and extended environment, and to participate in shaping it. In 2020 kultúrAktív celebrates its 10th anniversary – and has a lot of plans and ideas for the future:
“We would like to spend the following 10 years  with performing activities, which strengthen the relationship between people and their neighborhoods. We are dreaming of individuals and communities, who consciously and constructively shape their own neighbourhoods on a daily basis; people who are attached to and feel responsible for their neighborhoods.”
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Arts and Culture in the Era of Social Distancing in Northern Italy and Europe

Micaela Casalboni, artistic director of the Company Teatro dell’Argine about arts, culture and education in the era of social distancing.

Culture, theater and the arts in general could actually be the key to a new beginning, especially for that kind of arts and culture which looks at our world and our time without fear of engaging with people, giving a voice to those who doesn’t have one.”

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Art Matters

ART MATTERS is an international platform bringing together professionals active at the intersection of arts, activism, and media for critical exchange on artistic and curatorial practices, initiatives and programmes involving protagonists and issues related to migration, a sensitive theme that has become a main global concern. Read more…